If you are looking at studying a degree in Health/Nutrition & Exercise Sciences or any other Hobby Course program (see our hobby course section) enrol with our Certificate program for the cost of 1-2 subjects and for the time of 1 subject in a semester.

Upon completion, Register as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist with the Sports Nutrition Association’s Regional Affiliate in the United States and start working with clients and developing experience today!

Unlike Hobby Course Providers that bag university study, we don’t we just want to ensure your success in your perspective educational pathway. With most Hobby Courses they don’t provide you with insurance, and they all do not provide any relevant professional registration (impacting career prospects). Where as with degrees in Applied Health/Nutrition/Sports/Exercise Science Programs you aren’t able to ascertain if it is actually the career for you at least until you reach practical training in your final year of study, and even then you aren’t working with clients who are your own, and typically graduate into an industry that is heavily 95%+ self employed relies on client generated service provision i.e. if you don’t have a client booked you aren’t getting paid.

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  • Enrol and upon completion (4-6months time) work out if this is the career and study path for you by saving years and tens of thousands of $
  • Graduate with a great exposure to the industry and experience in providing the service and working with people
  • Graduate with a full client list so you have an established stable full-time income compared to 99% of grads
  • Work and earn a great income in the industry you’re studying in within 4-6 months
Get your feet wet and work out of this is the career and study path for you by providing Sports Nutrition services while being legitimately covered as an Accredited Sports Nutritionist in just 4-6 months with Sports Nutrition USA’s accredited & insured program.

There Has Never Been a Better Time to Expand Your Career Opportunities (or Your Income) with a Certificate in Applied Sports Nutrition Than Today.

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